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Secure & InsuredWarranty Coverage

Is your business one of the 55% of SMB’s who do not have cyber insurance?  Now there’s fast paying warranty coverage to help our customers recover in the event of a cyber-attack.

Financial Protection

Costs, onerous qualifications, and outright rejections are the leading reasons SMB’s don’t have cyber insurance.  Cyber warranties are not your typical insurance. They provide, not credits towards your bill… but instead customized financial protection that helps cover the costs of recovering after an attack with cash payouts in less than 24-hours to ensure your immediate business continuity.

Ransomware Warranty

Concerned that your cash flows can't sustain the immediate need for expenses as a result of a ransomware attack? Our ransomware warranty plugs directly into your EDR system for the fastest claims approvals anywhere. Payments are made overnight directly to your account upon incident validation.

Business Continuity Warranty

Your data is your business! When you protect it with cloud backup services like N-Able's Cove you can now obtain business continuity financial protection which pays out in the event any of your data is not available when you need it. Rest assured, you receive a payment to lessen the burden of recovering post attack when you need it most.


Ensuring business operations with immediate cash payouts to keep your business going.



Easy to obtain coverage based on existing IT systems and a super fast external scan.

Immediate Protection

Active financial coverage in <5 minutes

Incident Report

Provides human-readable report of incident and affected machines for accurate communication of incients and fast recovery.

Super Fast Payouts

24-hour payouts post validated attack up to $50k


We have been rated 4.9 out of 5 for our product and services. Below are some testimonials shared with us. You can also check Asgard ratings on Google.
IntegraNet Health - Testimonial
Alliance Building - Testimonial
Memorial Herman Health System - Testimonial
Wastebuilt - Testimonial
I3 Quantitative Investment Fund, LP - Testimonial
It was a very good experience

Asgard has provided unparalleled service and expertise for almost ten years helping us through a variety of challenges as well planned expansion of our business.

Larry Wedekind
CEO, IntegraNet Health
It was a very good experience

Had an excellent experience. We had a legal discovery with a close approaching deadline. We needed to restore data ASAP. I called and they walked me through it over the phone + they did remote screen sharing when I asked for it. The gentleman on the phone was A+ friendly, helpful, smart, and professional.

David Shultz
IT Director, Alliance Building
It was a very good experience

We needed the most secure modality for connecting with some of our referring physicians and Asgard’s strong tech capabilities integrated a formidable zero-trust network so we could meet HIPAA compliance as well as protect our patient data the best way possible. Strongly recommend.

CISO, Memorial Herman Health System
It was a very good experience

24/7 support, failover testing of our cloud data, and consistently staying on top of our disaster recovery plans has made Asgard a reliable partner for years now.

David Shultz
IT Director, Wastebuilt
It was a very good experience

Reliability and best-in-class managed EDR security services made us take a serious look at Asgard, but it was the financial warranty tied to our cyber security which closed the deal for us because it added an additional layer of financial coverage to ensure or business continuity.

Kevin Griffin
IT Director, I3 Quantitative Investment Fund, LP


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