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Secure Your Future Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

Did you know that 97% of small businesses who are hit with a cyber attack and don’t have recoverable backups close their doors permanently?  With fully managed backups and disaster recovery capabilities your business becomes instantly more resilient and reliable.


BaaS / DRaaS / Business Continuity Plan / Data Availability Warranty

Reliable and Trusted Cloud Backups

Do you feel unprepared for emergencies like power outages and cyber attacks?  Is full disaster recovery the right service to ensure always available data and business continuity for your industry?

Watch the video to see which is the best service level for your business.

Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) with Veeam provides the security, replication, and failover capabilities you need to ensure your business is always online and available. Through integration with your on-premises Veeam environment via Veeam Cloud Connect our DRaaS delivers ready cloud failover to your prebuilt private cloud to meet your specific RTO priorities.

Backup Services

Managed Backup (BaaS) is integrated with Veeam’s industry-leading backup replication software for easy and cost-effective offsite backup and archiving. The service provides a reliable safety net for a range of data loss events including malicious or accidental deletions, hardware failures, and cybercrime.

Data Loss Warranty

Your data is your business! When you protect it with cloud backup services like Veeam or N-Able's Cove you can now obtain financial protection which pays out in the event any of your data is not available when you need it. Rest assured, you receive a payment to lessen the burden of recovering post attack and can be included with any backup service Asgard offers.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Do you have an actionable plan to follow if there is an unexpected need to retrieve your company data? In our 10+ years of experience managing backups without a recovery plan is only 1/2 of a solution and won't achieve the objective of maintaining your business continuity.   You can begin for free by watching the video below and then scheduling with one of our business continuity consultants..


Get the assurance of reliable and secure data availability without the need for extensive in-house IT infrastructure or expertise. 


Data Security and Reliability

With managed backups your data is securely backed up and stored in multiple locations, protecting against data loss from hardware failure, cyber threats, or natural disasters


Cloud backups reduce the need for significant upfront investment in infrastructure and maintenance, providing a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional on-premises backup systems.

Scalability and Flexibility

The cloud offers the flexibility to pay for only what you need and scale resources up or down as your business grows or experiences fluctuations, without the need to invest in additional hardware or resources

Automated Compliance and Reporting

Easily adhere to your industry data retention requirements with customized data retention schedules, simplifying compliance processes.


We have been rated 4.9 out of 5 for our product and services. Below are some testimonials shared with us. You can also check Asgard ratings on Google.
IntegraNet Health - Testimonial
Alliance Building - Testimonial
Memorial Herman Health System - Testimonial
Wastebuilt - Testimonial
I3 Quantitative Investment Fund, LP - Testimonial
It was a very good experience

Asgard has provided unparalleled service and expertise for almost ten years helping us through a variety of challenges as well planned expansion of our business.

Larry Wedekind
CEO, IntegraNet Health
It was a very good experience

Had an excellent experience. We had a legal discovery with a close approaching deadline. We needed to restore data ASAP. I called and they walked me through it over the phone + they did remote screen sharing when I asked for it. The gentleman on the phone was A+ friendly, helpful, smart, and professional.

David Shultz
IT Director, Alliance Building
It was a very good experience

We needed the most secure modality for connecting with some of our referring physicians and Asgard’s strong tech capabilities integrated a formidable zero-trust network so we could meet HIPAA compliance as well as protect our patient data the best way possible. Strongly recommend.

CISO, Memorial Herman Health System
It was a very good experience

24/7 support, failover testing of our cloud data, and consistently staying on top of our disaster recovery plans has made Asgard a reliable partner for years now.

David Shultz
IT Director, Wastebuilt
It was a very good experience

Reliability and best-in-class managed EDR security services made us take a serious look at Asgard, but it was the financial warranty tied to our cyber security which closed the deal for us because it added an additional layer of financial coverage to ensure or business continuity.

Kevin Griffin
IT Director, I3 Quantitative Investment Fund, LP


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