About Us

Asgard was founded to improve the security posture for cloud hosted applications and the data of its clients.


Data breaches exposed 36 billion data records in the first half of 2020.


Launched in 2013, Asgard’s original focus was to provide an improved cloud hosting service for small and medium business requiring both security and support which was not yet available at larger public cloud providers.

While continually vetting and adding new processes and security based technologies to their cloud stack Asgard saw the need for implementing 0-Trust protections to their own environment as well as that of their clients.  

Asgard has responded to the explosion in ransomware over the last few years by outpacing and delivering simple yet reliable 0-Trust backups and cloud hosting services to enterprise organizations.

Now recognized by some of the most notable security centric organizations in the world Asgard continues to provide its clients with the tools and support to not only navigate the tumultuous digital landscape of the 21st century but to deliver the highest level of 0-Trust cloud services available anywhere today!

-The Asgard Team