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We know how a lack of trained IT personnel and resources put a business at risk.

Asgard cut its teeth over a decade ago providing private cloud hosting services to small and medium business requiring both a high level of security and support.

But our clients were asking for something more, a service that could help them further scale their business.  That’s when we began implementing managed IT services to help make their IT environments more reliable and predictable.

Its not enough to pass IT responsibilities off to one of your more tech savvy employees, or in some cases a dedicated IT manager.  Growing businesses require more and more technology to make them run efficiently and that requires expertise, the right tools, and supervision.

Fast forward a decade and Asgard has responded to the demand for outsourcing IT services along with the explosion in ransomware by outpacing malicious actors and delivering simple yet reliable managed IT and security solutions like unique Zero Trust disaster recovery and cyber warranties to small businesses.

With a dedicated managed IT service provider its like having a partner who will enable your business to grow up faster and stronger than it ever could otherwise at a fraction of the price of trying to do it yourself.

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Small and medium sized businesses do not have the financial or technical resources to effectively utilize technology to their own benefit, Asgard reverses this paradigm. 

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Our mission is to provide a decade of managed IT and cybersecurity expertise, delivering tailored solutions that protect and empower businesses. We focus on pioneering technology implementations to fortify our clients against cyber threats and ensure swift recovery from any attack, guaranteeing that business resilience is not just a goal, but a reality.


Envisioning a future where businesses thrive under the robust shield of cutting-edge technology that ensures business continuity. Our vision is to lead the charge in novel technology implementations like embedded cyber warranties, ensuring every client becomes a fortress against ransomware and cyber threats, while maintaining seamless business continuity through innovative cloud recovery solutions.

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Paul Tourigny

National Director, Strategic Partners & Alliances

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Brian Waltermire

CEO & President

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Robert Williams

Director of EverSafe

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