About Us

We believe the proliferation in electronic communications and thus the exponential growth in sharing of data has reached proportions hospitable for a pandemic.


Data breaches exposed 36 billion data records in the first half of 2020.


 Unsecured data and minimal security policies means there is easy money to be made by selling individuals data on the dark web. This treasure is fueling a raging fire that few are taking the right steps to avoid.

Asgard believes a future of efficacious electronic communications including 0-Trust architectures will only be achieved once business and individuals realize that there is a balance to be maintained between data that must be secured and records that must be held in the most stringent secure environments.

The future is now! This is why Asgard has chosen to provide our clients with the tools and support to not only navigate the tumultuous digital landscape of the 21st century but to provide our clients with the highest level of 0-Trust cloud services.

-The Asgard Team