How Can Small Businesses Benefit from Cyber Security Warranties?

Technological advances today have made businesses more interconnected than ever. However, the same networks that keep people connected also increase the risk of cyber threats.

These threats are particularly vulnerable to small businesses. Many small business owners may believe in “security through obscurity,” thinking that their team is too small to be a valuable target for cybercrime. Unfortunately, this belief often turns out to be false.

Hackers often see them as easy prey due to their typically weaker cybersecurity standards compared to larger corporations. This growing threat landscape makes robust cybersecurity measures a necessity and an essential element of business strategy.

One emerging solution that offers a significant layer of protection is the cyber security warranty.

Let’s Understand Cyber Security Warranties

Cyber security warranties provide financial protection and support to businesses in a cyberattack. It covers various costs associated with a breach, including legal fees, data recovery, and business interruption losses.

According to a survey, 84% of small businesses say cybersecurity is a high priority nowadays. As cybercriminals grow more sophisticated around these businesses, we understand the need for strong cybersecurity measures. That’s why At Asgard, we ensure businesses can quickly recover from cyber incidents through our fast-paying warranty coverage.

This cyber security warranty for small businesses offers personalized financial protection to help cover recovery expenses after an attack. It provides cash payouts within 24 hours to ensure immediate business continuity.

Cyber Security Warranties: A Top-notch Solution for Small Businesses

This approach mitigates risk and promotes better security practices among small businesses. By understanding and utilizing cyber security warranties, small businesses can transform their cybersecurity approach, turning potential vulnerabilities into robust lines of defense.

Here are the benefits it offers to small businesses.

Prequalified Coverage: Easy to Obtain

Getting a cyber security warranty for your small business has always been challenging. With prequalified coverage, you can secure protection based on your existing IT systems without jumping through hoops.

A super-fast external scan evaluates your current cyber security setup, ensuring you meet the criteria quickly. This means you can get the coverage you need quickly and efficiently, letting you focus on running your business.

Instant Protection: Financial Coverage in Minutes

One of the best perks of cyber warranty services is how fast you can get financial protection. Your business can be covered against cyber threats in less than five minutes.

This immediate protection ensures you’re not left vulnerable to financial fallout from a cyber incident, giving you peace of mind as you navigate the digital landscape.

Incident Report: Clear and Accurate Communication

A clear and detailed report is crucial for swift recovery and effective communication when a cyber incident strikes. These services provide a human-readable incident report, which outlines the affected machines and the nature of the incident.

This report is a lifesaver, helping you understand the scope of the attack and communicate effectively with customers, partners, and regulatory bodies, ensuring a quick and efficient response.

Super-Fast Payouts: Financial Relief When You Need It

The financial hit from a cyberattack can be crippling for a small business. But with our cyber security warranty, you benefit from super-fast payouts that provide much-needed financial relief.

Once an attack is validated, you can receive up to $50,000 payouts within 24 hours. This rapid response ensures you have the funds to tackle immediate recovery needs, like repairing systems, restoring data, and boosting security measures to prevent future incidents.


In a world where cyber threats are a constant reality, small businesses must adopt comprehensive security measures to safeguard their operations.

Here, cyber warranty services offer a practical and effective solution, providing financial protection, promoting better security practices, and ensuring swift recovery in the event of an attack.

With Asgard Managed Services leading the charge, small businesses can access tailored warranties that meet their specific needs, ensuring they are well-protected in an increasingly dangerous digital landscape.

So, investing in a cyber security warranty is not just a smart business decision; it’s a crucial step towards ensuring your business’s long-term resilience and success.

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