IntegraNet Health is one of Texas’s largest ACO / IPA, managed care organizations supporting 10,000+ physicians and over 1 million patients, specialists, and hospitals for improving medicare / medicade reimbursements and best care practices.

Before working with the Asgard team, their large network of health care professionals were struggling to meet HIPAA compliance and many were not following best practices for protecting, storing, and backing up their patients’ data.

IntegraNet needed to improve their IT resiliency capabilities to support their customers and protect critical IT processes.


Every organization is vulnerable to data loss from any outage at any time. Unfortunately, a majority of healthcare systems are at an even higher risk because the patient data they store is extremely valuable to hackers making them the #1 target for attacks.  And since IntegraNet improves patient care and helps partners obtain HIPAA compliance every care organization out of compliance was receiving lowered insurance reimbursements. This was a big problem for the IntegraNet health care network that just couldn’t be ignored.

At Asgard, we know there is no “one size fits all” resiliency solution. That’s why we approach every client as a unique business.  Through focused resiliency consultations and by creating a resiliency framework specific to their business continuity requirements their recovery is now 100% assured. 

The proven result of our process ensures our managed resiliency solutions align exactly with downtime and cash flow tolerances as well as compliance requirements of each organization, protecting what matters most, their business.

That’s our proven process to 100% recovery – and that’s exactly what we did with IntegraNet. 

“We had to find a company that we could rely on.  That’s Asgard! We could have never done this on our own.  For the past 7 years, we have been able to leverage Asgard’s resiliency services and support at a very reasonable cost.”
Larry Wedekind- IntegraNet CEO

Larry Wedekind- IntegraNet CEO


The first step to creating resiliency throughout IntegraNet’s organization manifold was conducting a gaps-in-service assessment.  This critical step laid out the high level areas which required immediate attention.  

The second crucial step was scanning their entire network and all end points for malware infections and hidden ransomware.

The information gathered was then compiled and used to form a disaster recovery plan which fortified their data accessibility in the event of an unforeseen emergency. 

Lastly, Asgard showcased the value of the resiliency framework established for IntegraNet by creating an online webinar platform for the entire physician’s network.  This educational solution provided a platform for learning best practices for ITresiliency and disaster recovery data management for thousands of care providers.

Asgard then implemented recommendations for specific resiliency and recovery service levels provided through the gaps-in-service assessment including replicating all of their servers into Asgard’s bi-coastal data centers for redundancy, in line with their business continuity requirements.

Further, Asgard built an online HIPAA Security Risk Assessment (SRA) for the physicians network to test their current state of ITand made a webinar series to teach specific information around IT best practices in health care.  Care providers were then offered our managed services solutions to ensure resiliency at thier locations.


With the help and expertise of Asgard, IntegraNet itself achieved HIPAA compliance and over 75% of their network completed our online HIPAA SRA and participated in ongoing webinar education improving the resiliency of all participants.  Asgard also helped to protect the data of over 1 million patients.

Because the cybersecurity landscape and HIPAA compliance requirements are dynamically changing it is critical to participate in on going education.  The education modality must be easy to understand and simple to access for convenience and in depth information reporting.

After participating in a resililiency assessment recommendations for IT implementation should be implemented and all participants who have an IT responsibility should be involved in ongoing education and training.








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