EverSafe has dramatically improved the security landscape for critical infrastructure organizations and enterprises requiring fast and secure data recovery to survive ransomware.  76% of organizations are now reviewing 0-Trust solutions to ensure their business continuity.


0-Trust EverSafe DRaaS with Veeam provides the security, replication, and failover capabilities you need to ensure your business is always online and available. Through integration with your on-premises Veeam environment via Veeam Cloud Connect and Gabriel Connection Technology™, EverSafe delivers true 0-Trust ready failover to the cloud at a moments notice.


0-Trust EverSafe Backup is integrated with Veeam’s industry-leading backup replication software for easy and cost-effective offsite backup and archiving protected by the secure Gabriel Connection Technology™. Together, the service provides a reliable safety net for a range of data loss events including malicious or accidental deletions, hardware failures, and cybercrime.


If your business has ever been faced with even a small outage you know how quickly things can screech to a halt. EverSafe’s flexibility provides a robust 0- Trust recovery solution to be deployed on site or in the cloud, together or separately. EverSafe’s complete recovery service works congruently with your Recovery Plan and accounts for 0-Trust security across the entire spectrum of your data, even during a cloud failover.


Along with monthly testing of cloud backups, EverSafe provides all clients one on one recovery consultations to maintain and update their personalized Recovery document. We account for growth, decommissioning servers, or any other variables that may change affecting your potential recovery objectives. It is our duty as your Recovery provider to ensure your backups and DR documentation are always kept up-to-date.

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Cost Savings

Everyone is looking to save money. By rightsizing your DR service to cover only what your business needs for its continuity means you remove unproductive services and reduce costs.

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24/7 Human Monitoring and Support

Automation is everywhere but we prove time and time again that its direct human interaction solves problems the fastest.

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Customized Service Levels

Every client engagement begins with our DR consultation and yields a complete Recovery Plan. Only after are service levels designed to meet your plan requirements.

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A True Partner

A consultative approach, documented plan and 0-Trust service levels not available from any other provider cover your specific business continuity needs, layered with 24/7 customer support means you have a partner to get you through any emergency.

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