Never trust, always Verify

Leverage our team of dedicated resiliency experts who will ensure your business continuity around the clock.


0-Trust Networking + Communications Starts Here

Secure Collaboration

Because enterprises are now able to quickly send any file type up to 5GB within their own secure peer to peer private networks, EverComm, Secured by Virnetx Gabriel Communications is quickly becoming the go to platform for the secure sharing and storing of enterprise’s most valuable data assets.

Secure Your Domain

With integrated 0-trust authentication and Gabriel Connection Technology™, enterprises can now segregate their data and applications in the cloud within non-public secure domains allowing employees to securely connect to those applications from any authorized device while still maintaining the most stringent level of digital asset protection available.

No Spam

Private Domain Technology means; No Spam, No Phishing and Protected peer-to-peer communications and data with military grade encryption. Communications on EverComm, Secured by Virnetx Gabriel Communications are invisible to third parties, fully auditable by an admin, and can be hosted from the location of your choice.

Complete Control

Cross platform application means 0-Trust security from any authorized device and complete administrative control of users access to data with a simple interface and 24/7/365 support.

The Asgard suite of services

Leverage our team of dedicated resiliency experts who will ensure your business continuity around the clock.


True Business Continuity is not just backups, but a congruent plan and service which match the needs of an enterprises business requirements to maintain consistency of operations.


EverComm, Secured by Virnetx Gabriel Communications, is the first of its kind suite of secure encrypted applications including; Mail, Chat, File Sharing, Cloud Storage, Video Conferencing, and Private Cloud Hosting which all operate within secure non-public domains recognized as .SCOM.


EverServe is the only private cloud running on The Secure Domain Name Technology (SDNS) which enables enterprises to secure critical applications in the cloud and provides access via The Gabriel Remote Gateway.


To ensure continuity of patient care and seamless HIPAA compliant security, redundancy, and communications we created EverShield.


The New Standards of Disaster Recovery

There is no one size fits all DR solution that is why we conduct a thorough disaster recovery (DR) consultation and deliver a DR plan specific to your business continuity needs before any service is deployed.

The proven result of our process ensures your DR solution aligns with your downtime and cash flow tolerances protecting what matters most, your business.