Zero trust, Maximum uptime

The only Zero Trust data recovery running on Veeam. 


ZeroTrust Protection

Disaster Recovery and Backup as a Service

Secured by the Virnetx Zero Trust Networking Technology™, ZeroTrust EverSafe is protecting the data of critical infrastructure organizations and small enterprises providing failover to a true ZeroTurst cloud at a moments notice with Veeam.


The Asgard suite of services

Why use public IP networking when you can effectively remove your networks from the public internet?

ZeroTrust Eversafe

Unparalleled ZeroTrust Cloud Backup and Recovery managed services ensure data is protected with ZeroTrust connection security and architecture while still maintaining speed in recovery.

ZeroTrust Everserve

EverServe is the only private cloud running on The Virnetx Secure Domain Name Technology (SDNS) which enables enterprises to benefit from ZeroTrust private hosting in the cloud.


ZeroTrust Cloud Hosting

With integrated ZeroTrust authentication and the Virnetx Zero Trust Networking Technology™, enterprises can now segregate their data and applications in the cloud within non-public secure domains allowing employees to securely connect to those applications from any authorized device while still maintaining the most stringent level of digital asset protection available today.

Veeam Partner
Leverage our team of dedicated resiliency experts who will ensure your business continuity around the clock.
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