Protecting your Business Technologies

Asgard Managed Security Solutions implements three encompassing technologies which combined deliver a holistic security solution for compliance heavy industries of all sizes. Disaster Recovery, a Secure Domain Communications Platform, and Unified Threat Management services mean protection for your business on almost every conceivable level.

Our Services


Disaster Recovery - workloads replicated from virtual or physical environments to our high-availability cloud infrastructure.


Dedicated Private Secure Domain Technology enables Secure Mail, Chat, File Sharing and Voice Calls with military grade encryption.


Unified Threat Management that's a step beyond. We take cloud security to another level with EverGuard.

The Asgard Team


Asgard’s engineers have decades of experience in Security Implementation, Virtualization, Private Cloud Design, IaaS, DRaSS, Network Security, and Business Process Maximization.

  • HIPAA certified experts
  • Previously held Top Secret Clearance
  • First National Distributor of Secure Domain Technolgy
  • First portal-based provisioning via web interface
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